IMPORTANT Coronavirus (COVID-19) information

In accordance with government regulations all meetings are currently cancelled.


Instead of the usual services and Bible studies we will be posting a short message on the church website each Sunday on the Letters from Prison page


For Pastoral care or advice please call 01905 425976.


Sunday Services

Sunday services are a special time of celebration as the whole church and visitors come together, to listen to the Word of God, to worship and to pray, as well as to share in communion.

It's a time when we give thanks for what God has done for us as well as a time of seeking God for what he wants to do in our lives. Most of all it's a time of putting God first, of seeking to glorify His name, and see His Kingdom come on earth. Our goal is always to keep Christ and the cross at the centre of our meetings in remembrance of what God has done for each one of us.

The rooms we use have easy access for those not to steady on their feet with easy nearby parking.


Sunday Service Location

Our Sunday services take place at the Worcester Early Years Centre, Manor Farm, Lower Wick, Worcester, WR2 4BS.

Click Here for a map for Worcester Early Years Centre.

Room location can change so please check the website or contact us for more information or transport.

Contact Simon on 01905 425976 or email

Sunday Morning Service 11:00am

The Sunday morning service is a time of testimony, worship, prayer and teaching but always with a special focus on communion as we remember once again the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross and his resurrection from the dead.

We welcome all ages and are quite used to children in the service, yes they do make a noise at times, but that is what a church family is about.

The format of the service varies from week to week, but we normally finish with communion, reminding ourselves once again of what Christ did on the cross for each one of us.

A gluten free communion is available for those with special dietary needs.

For more information or transport contact Simon on 01905 425976 or email


Sunday Evening Service 6:30pm

Our Sunday Evening service is a new service started in March 2017.

The service is slightly shorter than the morning service, but again is a time of worship, prayer and teaching.

With an emphasis on the gospel message we welcome all believers and non believers to come and join with us and celebrate the good news of the gospel message.

For more information or transport contact Simon on 01905 425976 or email