Makers Club


Makers club is a new social event we have started, The aim is to allow people of all ages to meet, discuss and encourage each other in various creative hobbies. It's a chance to bring things along to show others that there are possibilities and interests that they may not have thought about.

It will be about learning from each other, for so often there is knowledge that the older generations can pass onto the younger generation, while the younger generation also have a thing or two to teach those of us who are older. As an example, I am someone who has built model railways for many years and have learnt many things from those older than myself, but I have recently learnt a huge amount about building scenery from youngsters who make scenery for wargaming. There is always something to be learnt or shared with others.

So far we have had photographers, Arduino powered robot cars, various musicians playing together with knitting and crocheting and model railways on the way.


For some it's a time of challenge, learning and doing, while for others it's a time to watch and socialise over some refreshments.

The locations will vary from month to month as booking venues is not easy and after our first event we have increased the time we have to meet together.

If you are interested in coming or have questions please call Simon on 01905 425976 or email