Free Books

Over the years Simon has written a few short books to help with the ministries he has been involved with.These books are available as a free download at but we have included the first book "A Walk in the Park" as a free download from this site.


Please click on the link below to download the book or if you would prefer a printed version please tel 01905 425976 or email and leave your details and we will get a copy to you.


A Walk in the Park

A Walk in the ParkA walk in the park was originally written in about 1995 to help with some mission work in Poland. It was written as a short easy to read book for those who wanted to know more about Christianity and for young Christians to help give them a foundation and direction to go forward in.


The book covers the basics of the Christian life with chapters on what a relationship with God is and how it works, to how to find a church.


Although originally intended only to be printed in Polish an English version was printed in 1995 with a reprinted editon released in 2013.


ISBN: 9780957698802

To download a pdf copy click here.